About Us

RST who has become leading company in the sector with qualified service approach in regulator is a Reliability Tested Technology Regulator Enterprise thanks to its more than 40 years field experience coming from family heritage , superior technology, quick and unlimited service approach, 7/24 service guarantee and network.

Our company has adopted quality and economic production principle. We manufacture electrical devices that are regulating fluctuating city voltage and protecting other electrical equipment from this adverse impact of varying voltage.


Our target is meeting customers’ needs and expectations in a high-quality and economic manner by incorporating technology into our 40-year- experience. While providing this, we proceed our way as a continuously developing and renovating company in today’s era when competition is getting tough and profitability margins are decreasing.


Credibility of our company has been growing day by day due to our exports and domestic sales. Our philosophy is progressing by thinking professionally with our amateur spirit.