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We manufacture threephase stabilizer  from 30 kva to 3000 kva

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  • Advanced Technology Products 
  • Fully digital microprocessor control 
  • Thyristor Tap Changer 
  • Zero Transfer / No Distortion 
  • 20 millisecond response speed 
  • Overload, Over Voltage, Under Voltage 
  • Surge, Sage, Spike and Output Short 
  • Circuit Protection 
  • EMI / RFI Noise Filter 
  • True RMS-Real effective measurement scheme 
  • Alphanumeric LCD 4X20 LCD Display 
  • Controlled User Password Parameter Settings

Static voltage regulators, voltage regulator within the moving part is a static-free. Voltage regulation is completely under the control of the microcontroller perform digital technology in milliseconds. To wear out, the former does not contain any parts that require maintenance to be.

LCD front panel

Information about the operating status of the host language options through the LCD display device input and output values ​​(voltage, current, frequency) can be read and calibrated. Input voltage lower and upper levels regulated output voltage lower and upper levels, the output voltage to protect the upper and lower levels are extremely low and extremely high voltage cut-off time, voltage calibration for the negative and positive polarity settings, password control provided to the user are the parameters.

We manufacture threephase stabilizer  from 30 kva to 3000 kva